朋友的妈妈线观3Award-winning Warehouse Management System.? Warehousing experts.?Solving WMS problems, one warehouse at a time.

Your employees will be very?朋友的妈妈线观3 with our user-friendly WMS.

朋友的妈妈线观3Oh, it’s powerful too?– Our cutting edge WMS is highly reliable and can handle heavy transaction volume and large numbers of users without “locking up”.

EDI & Integrations

In working with other vendors, our team has developed a strategy to EDI implementation easier, faster, more?cost efficient?and much less frustrating.

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Truly workflow-based, our WMS automates processes for increased accuracy, efficiency and labor savings & can be used for the handling & storage of any type of goods.

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Reporting & Analytics

The Datex warehouse management system (WMS) equips your business with the flexibility needed to make immediate changes so that you always have access to critical information on demand.

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Customer Portal

The new Datex Customer Portal is the gateway to real time information, control and resources for the customers of third party logistics.

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Our team of IT hardware experts has years of experience selling mobile computers to business professionals in a wide variety of industries.

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Our team has specialized expertise in selecting, configuring and troubleshooting mobile computing and other hardware solutions to work with Datex software.

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Explore 20+ integrations that makes your day-to-day workflow more efficient and familiar. Our extensive development tools might also strike your fancy.

What is Datex

White Glove

Concierge Service?

With seamless service from sales to support, Datex takes great pride in orchestrating exceptional personalized services for each client.? From integrations and EDI, to hardware, software and new technologies, Datex provides single point of contact end-to-end solutions and executive-level attention to help your business optimize your technology investment.

“We know we can get ahold of anybody, anytime. The customer service they provide is second to none.”


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You are in good company. Trusted by businesses all over the world.

Are you looking for a feature, solution or service for your warehouse operation that is not on our website?

Family values like

are important to Datex. It’s how we run our business, it’s how we live our lives.

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Industry Specific WMS

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